School Supplies

    Birch Elementary asks for a school supply donation per elementary student instead of students buying individual school supplies in the fall.  We believe this plan is beneficial to families, saving both time and money.  Instead of families trying to go to 3-4 stores to find the “right” school supplies that teachers have requested, or the best price, we are asking for a $40 donation for school supplies per elementary student.  Partial and full scholarships are available for those who qualify.  Grade level teachers will be able to capitalize on the school districts volume discounts and tax exemption to maximize the funds for classroom supplies. Teachers can purchase the exact type of supplies they need in the amounts they need. It will add flexibility for teachers to re-order supplies as needed throughout the year instead of asking for students to re-supply midyear.

    If school supply shopping is a tradition that your family treasures, please continue to make it a special time to pick out a new back pack, lunch bag, new clothes and shoes.  It is also important to have some school supplies at home to use for homework and study time if your child still really wants to get some school supplies.

    This is not a fundraiser; this donation is in lieu of buying school supplies individually. Your children will still be using supplies all year but we believe we can save you time and money as well as be more efficient in our purchasing by doing it in bulk.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact Ellen Hudiburg at

    Please visit RevTrack to purchase your school supplies:​​