​​​​​All BVSD preschools follow the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum to teach pre-literacy skills, pre-math skills and social-emotional competency. For information on this curriculum, please visit the Curriculum Overview.

    ​Birch Preschool has a wonderful program of four inclusive classrooms. It is designed to meet the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and language development needs of students utilizing developmentally-appropriate classroom practices.  The teaching strategies employed in the preschool recognize that young children learn through active exploration and interactions with responsive adults, other children, and open-ended experiences which provide rich opportunities for learning - all in an active, fun, play-based environment.  Each preschool classroom is staffed by a licensed Early Childhood Special Education Teacher and paraprofessional. 
    All BVSD preschools follow the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum to teach pre-literacy skills, pre-math skills and social-emotional competency. For information on this curriculum, please visit the Curriculum Overview. The district uses Teaching Strategies GOLD to assess student growth on an ongoing basis.
    Like all of our BVSD preschools, Birch offers preschool classes four days a week, Tuesday through Friday, for a half-day program. The cost of the program is $385/month, though we do have some limited scholarships available for families in need. 
    Please contact our Community Liaison Caitlin Guerrie at for more details about Birch. 
    For more information about the program and to begin your application, please go to the BVSD Early Childhood Website here:​

     2017-18 Enrollment

    ​​2017/2018 Enrollment Information for Children Who Are New to BVSD Preschool

    The BVSD Preschool program is an educational opportunity for children who turn 3 or 4 years old before September 30th, 2016. Our program offers four half-day sessions, Tuesday through Friday.

    There are three ways to enroll in BVSD preschool: as a tuition-paying family, through the Colorado Preschool Program, or through Special Education. Preschool is not fully funded 
    in Colorado.

    1. Tuition: tuition for the 2017/2018 school year will be $385 a month for four half days per week. This amount covers approximately half of the cost of providing preschool. The rest is covered by the BVSD preschool general fund.

    2. Colorado Preschool Program (CPP): funded through the State of Colorado, children whose families are experiencing financial and other hardships that prevent them from being able to pay tuition attend free of charge.

    3. Special Education: funded through the State of Colorado, children who receive support services through the Office of Special Education attend free of charge.

    The application process requires two steps:  

    Step 1) Complete the online preschool application at
    Tuition-paying families apply for preschool through the online preschool lottery track; families that expect to qualify for the Colorado Preschool Program apply through the online CPP track; and families who wish to be evaluated for Special Education Services should call Child Find at 720-561-5078.

    Step 2) Submit the required documentation to the Office of Early Childhood at Boulder Valley School District’s Education Center at 6500 Arapahoe Road, in Boulder, Colorado. Only completed applications will be counted as submitted:

    1. A copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport;
    2. A copy of your child’s current physical and/or statement of general health from a pediatrician; (NEW Registration Requirement)
    3. A copy of your child’s current immunizations;
    4. A current proof of residence (Xcel bill, water bill, copy of lease or house contract; Be sure to include ALL pages).
    5. Tuition families must submit a $50 application fee in the form of a check. Checks must be made out to BVSD with your child’s name and school in the memo line.
    6. Tuition families must sign a completed tuition agreement.



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