Fifth Grade

    Fifth grade is an exciting year with lots of learning and special opportunities.

    Some highlights include in-depth financial literacy instruction, culminating in a field trip to Young AmeriTowne, music instruction choices, including band or  orchestra, in addition to general music, and opportunities  such as Yearbook, PE helpers, and continuation fun.  We learn a lot and have fun in this final year of elementary school.

    For more information on Fifth Grade at Birch please visit the 5th Grade Website!

    You can learn more about Project Bulldog here!


    Types of writing: narrative, opinion, and informational
    Speaking and listening: communicating effectively and participating in collaborative discussions
    Balance of nonfiction and fiction, close reading, paired texts, analysis, and short texts

    Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing multi-digit whole numbers, fractions, and decimals
    Number patterns
    Visual displays to interpret data
    Volume and attributes of geometric figures
    Mathematical practices: mental math, checking that problems are reasonable, applying strategies to multiple situations, perseverance on problem-solving, explaining reasoning
    6th grade math is offered for eligible students

    Physical and personal wellness (human growth and development, healthy eating, etc.)
    Internal and external factors that influence mental and emotional health
    Prevention and risk management (tobacco, violence-free relationships, and personal safety)

    Early America, from 1492 to the American Revolution

    Weather and water
    Structure and functions of living systems
    Mixtures and solutions



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