The Intensive Center for Affective Needs (ICAN) Program at Birch Elementary School  provides individualized instruction and related services such as Psychologist/Social Worker, Occupational Therapy, Speech/Language, English Language Development, and other related services according to each student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP.) Additionally, specific supports around social skills, and behavioral and/or emotional management are provided according to each student’s Behavioral Support Plan (BSP.)

        The ICAN program is housed within Birch Elementary school where students may access peer models, extracurricular activities as appropriate, as well as rigorous and relevant classroom experiences.

        Close communication with families and classroom teachers helps us create an integrated and dynamic support system.  Each student is held accountable for their academic work as well as the behavioral choices they make and supports are augmented or decreased based on events that are occurring in each student’s everyday life.

       Our team consists of a special education teacher, 3 paraprofessionals, and the related service providers.  This allows us to align our supports to any setting within school including the general education classrooms, lunch/recess, or hallway/transitions.  It also allows us to provide direct instruction and behavioral processing in the ICAN Room.