Birch is the definition of home for my family.  These talented teachers were instrumental in providing all three of my children the foundation of their learning and helped form their positive attitudes towards education which they were able to carry into their high school years and into college. The love and dedication of the teachers and staff at Birch Elementary shines bright on each and every student!The Casasanta Family

Birch Elementary School

Birch is an Elementary school within the Boulder Valley School District. Located in Broomfield, Colorado, this tuition-free public school serves diverse students PreK-5th Grade. This school also offers free and tuition preschool classes that have a focus on both academic and developmental learning standards. 

How Is Our School Unique?

​Birch is a neighborhood school with strong community support and experienced staff that holds high expectations for their students. At Birch, we recognize that each student brings special talents on which we capitalize, as well as areas of need, which we nurture. In doing so, we provide a learning environment that affords each child the opportunity to reach their "personal best" and develop lifelong skills that will assist them in decision making and problem solving as they continue on their life's journey.

Student Achievement:
When you combine high teacher expectations, parental support, and students who like to learn -- the result is high achievement.

We Are the Bulldogs!

"I love learning at Birch because all of my teachers make it so much fun.  Birch is MY school!  That makes it special to me! Ella, 2nd Grade


"The teachers and my friends are what makes Birch a special place!"G. Benson, 3rd Grade